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Evermore (Group) Pty Ltd was established in 2007. Initially, Evermore (Group) Pty Ltd focused on bringing a variety of Asian snack foods into the Australian market, Evermore (Group) Pty Ltd now has a stronger vision of expanding the Asian food market in Australia. Recognising the constantly changing nature of the international food market, Evermore (Group) Pty Ltd currently endeavours to introduce a greater variety of Asian Foods.

Today, our company is a comprehensive Asian grocery wholesale located in Sydney, New South Wales. We sell a variety of goods imported from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korean, Malaysia and many more. Not only do we continue to have a wide range of snack foods, we also distribute drinks, noodles, canned goods, frozen goods, rice and kitchen utensils to all major Asian supermarkets and small grocery food stores throughout Sydney and other locations around Australia. We sincerely understand our customers’ needs and hope to gain customer recognition and satisfaction. With our wide variety of goods, we are confident that we can satisfy the diverse needs of each of our customers. 

Listening to our customers and helping our customers succeed in the Sydney market with affordable high quality products has always been our goal. On-time delivery and providing the best customer service is the slogan we run by. Today, we have customers all over Australia and we are very aware that a strong relationship with our customers is the driving force of our growth.

We hope to provide our customers the newest and latest products so that we may satisfy the differing needs of each of our customers and strengthen our relationship. In the future, we will strive to find new products and a greater variety and we hope that our enthusiasm and passion is something that new and potential customers will find attractive. 

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